Falcon Brand Launch - OMPEX18

OCTOBER 27th, 2018

Our brand was inaugurated at an exhibition organized by the OMPEG (Overseas Maharashtrian Professionals & Entrepreneurs) on Saturday, the 27th of October. Rahul Nangre, the first secretary trade high commission of India-UK, attended the event as the chief-guest. Our new collection, SS2019 was also introduced at the event.

Hundreds of people visited the exhibition and our brand received an enormous response from them. We had an amazing experience talking to them about the identity of our brand. The audience also had many questions ranging from “Where do you get your inspiration from?” to “What makes your garment sustainable?”, allowing for some healthy interaction. This helped us understand that customers are looking for more than just ‘clothes’. Shopping is more than just expanding your wardrobe

At the end of it all, we had a lovely day, made many useful connections and were left eager to get to work on achieving our new targets for our upcoming projects!

Beneath the Surface - Exhibition

JUNE 16th – 21st, 2018

We showcased our collection at the “Beneath the Surface” exhibition hosted by the University of Chester from Friday, the 16th of June to the 21st. The attendees enjoyed the exhibition and we had an excellent opportunity to reach out to them and explain our brand, our objectives and our ideologies to them. We generated overwhelming interest at the event and ended up selling key pieces from our collection as well.

SansAWWi - Fashion Show

JUNE 14th, 2017

We presented SansAWWi, our first collection on the 14th of June, 2017 at Grosvenor Hotel, CH1 Chester bid (the city’s business improvement district). At this occasion, we teamed up with other high streets and boutiques such as M&S, Laundry B and Jack Wills.

SansAWWI is a fusion of Eastern and Western styles of clothing. Our designer has taken inspiration from the Indian ethnic Saree for the east and urban sportswear and formal outerwear for the west. We have taken every small detail into consideration for this collection; The fabrics are embellished and the collection is underpinned with a bold use of surface print inspired by Indian mythology. The colour palette consists of mixed bright colours with more sombre tones.

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