27 October 2019 I attended a networking event at hotel Jury Inn Oxford, the purpose of the event was to celebrate 3rd anniversary of OMPEG. At this occasion the company also honoured some of the achievers, and to my surprise I was awarded with the honour of “Dare To dream” award for my brand Falcon Fashion. The moment was filled with surprise, and emotions. I have no hesitance in saying that more than the award I was impressed by the title written on it, “Dare To Dream”, which persuaded me to look back in to the journey from a dyslexic, shy and timid girl turning in to a business woman.
That day brought so many memories back of the struggles throughout my school years, the journey of womanhood and motherhood, till the dream which started few years back, of setting up my own fashion brand. I always knew my journey is not going to be easy with having responsibility of a young daughter and taking care of household. I worked tirelessly and passionately and at the same time ensuring not to disturb my day to day responsibilities and overall not losing the patience and desire to achieve my dreams.  When I achieved my first milestone of receiving BA honours degree, I announced my entrance in the world of Fashion. 

There were moments of frustration and the days when I couldn’t see beyond, but always had a will to go on.The journey from a weak girl to a strong woman is filled with so many challenges, pain, and ups and downs that I cannot write in few pages, but dream does not become reality till we have a courage to pursue it with sweat, hard work and perseverance.

The path is still long and it’s just the beginning, but one thing I realised that success is not all about making monetary profits, success is over all a expedition. From taking a first step to challenge yourself, coming out of your comfort zone, and most of all where you are and where you want to be, each small achievement is a accomplishment and each failure adds a brick to strengthen the wall of your success.So hold fast on to your dreams, because future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. 

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