Summer Collection – Rajasthani Ajarakh Prints from India

At Falcon Fashion, we dream about fusion and harmony. We combine the styles of the east and the west to invent something unique to bring to the world of fashion. While following the ethnic route for our new collection, we have created a range of garments decorated with hand-block printing (Ajarakh) process using natural dye on organic cotton.

What is Ajarakh Prints: Ajarakh print is a form of block printing. The process of Ajarakh printing begins with finely hand carved wooden blocks being dipped in dye and printed on primarily cotton and silk fabrics. This ancient technique is widely practised in Kutch, Gujarat and Rajasthan regions of India.

Colour Palette: Ajarakh is a unique hand-block printing technique with resisting dyeing techniques which uses natural dyes made by using blue and red vegetables. Our colour palette of the collection is largely consistent of traditional natural colour dyes, such as hues of red, blue and brown.

Silhouette: While for fabric we use some natural and traditional dyeing processes, for the silhouette we drive our inspiration from gypsies of Rajasthan and mixed it with western styles of jackets, trousers and tops. This type of conventional attire donned by Rajasthani men and women is not only fabulous and vibrant, but also features a loose and relaxed fit, making it perfect for the hot and humid summer climate.

Take a look and we look forward to hearing from you.

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